OMG Affiliates welcomes a new Affiliate Manager in the team: Meet Teodora!

High-performing brands, licensed markets, broad geographical reach and dedicated account management above all is what has been a remark about OMG Affiliates since the program started operating in 2019.

Based on these premises, OMG Affiliates has grown to be a respected affiliate program, and most notably, a rising star amongst young affiliate programs. 

In order to rise to the expectations, smoothen the relation between the brands, software providers and affiliates, OMG invests in time in following the latest trends, and training its staff to be a focal point of an affiliate-casino brand relationship. 

In this regard, OMG Affiliates is thrilled to announce its new Affiliate Manager, Teodora Nikolova.

Teodora joined the team in the spring of 2023, and will soon be taking care of the many clients in the OMG portfolio. 

We sat with Teodora to talk a bit about her new role. So, enjoy our conversation and be ready for our new Affiliate Manager to take your business to new heights with the OMG way!

Teodora welcome to OMG Affiliates and the world of iGaming. Can you share more about yourself? 

“Hey there! I’m Teodora, a 25-year-old mechanical engineer and passionate dancer from Skopje. Despite my technical background, I’m excited to step out of my comfort zone and join the world of iGaming with OMG Affiliates. With previous experience as a sales and account manager, I’m eager to contribute to the company’s success and work alongside my talented colleagues. Let’s make waves in the iGaming industry together!”

Your background in sales roles and business development has been crucial to gaining and nurturing the skills needed to lead accounts into higher stages and helping them utilize products in the most meaningful way for them. What do you think, how can you connect your previous experience to the challenges that an Affiliate Manager faces every day?

Having a background in sales roles and business development equips me with the essential skills to understand and meet the challenges faced by an Affiliate Manager. Taking into account my previous work experience and the daily challenges posed by the work itself, I learned what it means to be completely committed to the client, what their wants and needs are, as well as what is needed to achieve common goals and profits.
Throughout my career, I learned that a tailored approach is what the customer respects the utmost, and what solidifies the business relation. And now, I will be more than happy to transfer that same knowledge and experience into this new role, and work together with our clients to tackle all the challenges in the dynamic that the iGaming market places in front of us. With the above, my goal for now is to fully understand the iGaming culture and market, and to be available when my business partners need help and support as well as to achieve the set OMG’s goals.” 

You are new to the iGaming industry and to its dynamic world, and you were brave enough to take this challenge under OMG Affiliates. What motivated you to go a step further and build a career in one of the most challenging industries worldwide?

“Being new to the iGaming industry and recognizing its dynamic nature actually motivated me to take on this exciting challenge with OMG Affiliates. Being a part of the iGaming industry, еspecially as a rookie, means first of all learning and acquiring many new terms, functionalities, ways of approaching the market, new tools, and everything that means games of chance, slots, bonuses and spins. I was inspired by the industry’s ability to blend innovation, technology, and entertainment, and I wanted to be part of shaping its future. “

OMG is a young, reputable, and awarded affiliate program. Some of the biggest affiliates in iGaming are already partners in the program. In terms of assistance, guidance through the process, and creating higher value, what can the affiliates expect from Teodora as their new affiliate manager?

“I am a person who likes new things and likes to be challenged. I can boldly assure all of our partners that I will give my full support, knowledge and skills acquired so far in order to improve and boost OMG’s assets as well as do my best to meet all our business partner’s inquiries so we can achieve even higher results and pick up all the future awards we get to be nominated in 🙂 .”

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