OMG Affiliates Q&A session with Matching Visions

There is nothing we cherish more than a stable long-term partnership founded on trust and mutual reliability. What the OMG Affiliates have with Matching Visions is a true example of what a successful relationship looks like. 

As part of our ongoing series of virtual sit-downs, Fernando Carrillo, Matching Visions’ Affiliate manager, will take over the questioning cover with Sabina, OMG’s Senior Affiliate manager, in order to obtain responses that will describe what it’s like to work with OMG Affiliates.


  1. What makes OMG affiliates unique?

We always take a deep dive into our partner’s needs, and we thrive to be a partner they can trust and rely on. The personal connection we have with them, commits us to go the extra mile and provide them with the best possible affiliate experience. In order to create value for mutual growth it is our priority to arrange personalized deals and incentives.


  1. What is the main focus of OMG affiliates in the medium and long term?

Our main focus in the medium/long term is maintaining our presence and adhering to ethics and compliance as more markets become regulated, and of course, obtaining additional licenses. Also, making this industry a better environment for everyone is the core principle we strive for.
We always carry some aces in our sleeves, so the chance that we might surprise you with a new brand is always on the table.


  1. What is the positive side of working with you?

Professionalism, creativity and fun mixed all together. Mutual brainstorming sessions on what is the best way to approach a certain market or a type of player, followed by great results.


  1. What has been the biggest obstacle?

Working in the igaming industry is constantly challenging, since the industry is really fast-growing and dynamic. The new industry’s rules and regulations, as well as the market saturation are one of the main obstacles we are trying to conquer.


  1. What do you think of our labor relationship and partnership?

We couldn’t ask for a better partnership. It is a true example of how a long-term partnership should develop, and how we need to have mutual respect and understanding to each other’s needs and focus at the desired period of time.


  1. What does it mean for you to work in a work environment like OMG?

Working in an all-female team feels really empowering, unique and inspiring. Our synergy is really strong and we always encourage and support each other. We love our brainstorming sessions and we are always trying to find the best possible solutions for success. Because of our unique bond, we know how to bring out the best in us.


      7. What is the next step in terms of membership in OMG?

New incentives, fun partners races, new players bonuses and many affiliate platform upgrades and reports that will benefit both parties.


  1. Do you have any advice to improve as affiliates?

We would love for all affiliates to be as transparent as they can, reachable and cooperative so we can easily find the right way for getting the best results possible.

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