OMG Affiliates Q&A session with Casino.Online

The company’s foundations must be based on the pillar values of loyalty and reliability to develop a brand that clients and partners will respect and trust.

In addition, we recently began a series of virtual sit-downs with affiliates who operate under our platform so that we can tell you more about the affiliate experiences and the OMG Affiliates team’s manner of working.

Today, we are presenting you the latest edition of the virtual sit-downs with Sebastian Erfurth, the COO at Learn why and other online casino affiliates enjoy working with the OMG Affiliates.


  1. Tell us more about OMG Affiliates! What is your advantage in front of the other Affiliate Programs?


Without a doubt, the personalized approach to each and every partner. 

Our goal is to become well-known for the assistance and customer service we provide. We appreciate all of our relationships and work hard to build long-term ties.

Special bonus offers suited to the affiliates’ needs, exciting partner races with engaging rewards, and exclusive player competitions are just a few of the incentives affiliates receive when they collaborate with us.


  1. Please recommend a top market for each of your brands?


From a regional standpoint, I believe that every brand in the OMG Affiliates portfolio provides competitive and attractive terms to the country to which it provides services.

We work in more than 20 geographical markets, and from a more strategic perspective I can list Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Australia as our top markets of interest. 

Also, we are always interested in discovering new market opportunities that would be beneficial for both parties. 


  1. What is important for a beneficial cooperation between an Affiliate and Operator?


In order to have the best approach possible, it is critical to understand the player profile.

The types of bonuses that the affiliate typically promotes is also an important consideration so that we can deliver suitable offers.

It’s a win-win situation for all parties if you create the most appealing bonus offer, mix it with good marketing, and top it off with a custom commission plan.


  1. Where is OMG Affiliates office based and what are the main company values?


OMG Affiliates is based in Denmark, operating with offices in Copenhagen and Skopje. 

Both the company and the division are founded on the Danish principles of trust, loyalty, transparency and reliability. Combined together with the Macedonian know-how, we believe we have a great combination for a true success story.


  1. What do you think the industry will look like three years from now?


The iGaming sector is growing at a rapid pace.

We are very thrilled about our future chapter, especially given the rapid rate at which we are moving forward and all of the accomplishments and growth we have achieved in the preceding two years.

We are maintaining our presence and adhering to ethics and compliance as additional markets become regulated, and we are interested in obtaining more licenses. Our most fundamental principle is to make this industry a better environment for everyone.

But this is our final answer – we think it is going to be very exciting and that the possibilities are endless.

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