OMG Affiliates Q&A session with Cashmagnet Ltd

To build a brand which clients and partners will trust, means that the foundations of that business have to be built on trust, and loyalty as the pillar values.

Our affiliate program OMG Affiliates started operating in 2019, and in two years grew its number of successfully onboarded partners to several hundreds. What amazes the team at OMG Affiliates the most is that the numbers keep on growing, and the existing affiliates are sincerely interested in expanding their collaboration.

To give you a more in-detail glimpse of what OMG Affiliates is, we invited one of our partners to pose questions, and give you a wider picture of how we work with affiliates, and what makes them choose this affiliate program.

This month Cashmagnet Ltd’s Chief Business Officer Silver Portugov had a virtual sit down with Elena from OMG Affiliates.

Read the interview to learn why Mr-Gamble and other affiliates working with online casinos choose to work with OMG Affiliates.


  1. When was OMG Affiliates founded and why?


The OMG Affiliates was founded in October 2019 and have recently celebrated our 2nd birthday. Looking back on all the achievements so far, it seems we are on the right track of following our growth strategy.
Why? Vita Media Group started to promote Jackie Jackpot and noted great results. As a result, we need an affiliate program that would be completely committed to promoting the brands and working to improve them.


  1. What separates OMG Affiliates from other affiliate programs?


Most certainly – the personalized approach to every partner. Identifying the partners needs and potential in order to mutually grow together. Moreover, we are constantly working on differentiating the affiliate experience of partners, therefore we very often organize partner races, which are always fun for everyone. Usually, we offer exclusive players competitions in conjunction with the affiliates which have proven to work perfectly and entertain players on a higher level. Our mission is to create new exclusive bonuses each month so we can satisfy each player type.

We built our partnerships on several core values: trust, transparency and reliability. We are cherishing the relationships from A to Z, without exception, as we are all sharing the same goal to establish and maintain long-term relationships while maximizing profit.


  1. Why did you choose to focus on the iGaming industry?


The iGaming Industry never sleeps, it is fun, entertaining, and things are changing all the time. There are certain thrillz you can get from the iGaming rush that you can not find in any other industry.


  1. What are the main benefits of joining your affiliate program?


The way you’d be treated. We value each and every one of our affiliates; no matter how big or small, everyone is treated equally. We appreciate our collaborations, which is why we are always open to ideas for things we do and don’t do so well. Feedback is much appreciated always in order to get better.


  1. If you could give one piece of advice for an aspiring affiliate manager, what would it be?


An aspiring affiliate manager should focus on relationship management first, as communication is key in this industry. Approaching people with a friendly personalized tone of voice is always perceived as a good start to every partnership.


  1. How would you describe our partnership style?


The collaboration between OMG Affiliates and CashMagnet has been nurtured from the very start. CashMagnet being one of the Key Partners of OMG Affiliates is a result of the constant communication we have. There are times when we talk every day, brainstorming on each idea, no matter how big or small, and trying to find the best way to entertain players. Moreover, I would add that there is always something to learn from each other connected to the markets and industry itself.


      7. What is it like working with a full female team?


What we are grateful for in OMG Affiliates is that we have the ability to promote women leadership and woman empowerment. We are leading this program with the drive to set an example, and we are more than happy that it has been a formula that drives success.


  1. What can your senior partners expect in terms of future collaboration?


They may anticipate the best care and teamwork available. We can ensure the greatest returns by partnering with OMG Affiliates, one of the most promising affiliate networks in the iGaming industry right now. And most important of all: new brands, new verticals, mobile apps on some of the brands and new fully localized markets.


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