OMG Affiliates Q&A session with Bojoko

We always say that in order to build an Affiliate Program that partners will respect and trust, the company’s foundations must be built on trust and commitment as core values.

The fact that we’ve been recognized and shortlisted on several occasions by some prestigious iGaming institutions gives us great pleasure, but at the same time responsibility to continue to give the best service to our affiliates.

Continuing our series of virtual sit-downs, today we are joined by Christoffer Ødegården, the Head of Casino at the prominent casino comparison site Bojoko. He will be asking the questions and try to get the answers that will describe what it is like to work with OMG Affiliates.


  1. Let’s start with the most important question: why should someone partner up with OMG Affiliates?


Three words: Trust, Commitment and Skills.

Trust is always first on our list for a reason. As a Danish venue, we believe that it is and always will be the core principle of our work.

Secondly, commitment. We are always here for each partner in need and always find the time to devote to every partner, no matter how big or small.

We tend to call ourselves a true dream team of affiliate managers that have the skills & experience and are eager to maintain long-term relationships with their affiliate partners.


  1. How would you describe yourself as a company?


OMG Affiliates is an affiliate division of a much bigger universe called Vita Media Group.
We are a company built on Danish principles – and for sure, one of the most important principles is hygge. We work hard, we hygge hard. And so far, this has been a successful recipe.

The affiliate division was opened in 2019 and we follow the overall company values of trust and loyalty. These values have brought us more than 2000 successfully onboarded partners who are still working under our affiliate program.


  1. What’s your communication style?


Transparency all the way through. Inside the team and with all other stakeholders.

We don’t leave it to just coordination meetings. It doesn’t matter if we need to coordinate internally, or to sort issues with our partners.
We use proactive communication and transparency so that we keep quality and support on the highest of levels.


  1. What separates OMG Affiliates from the Competition?


In a world of countless affiliate programs, we try to stand out from the crowd by making affiliation more about relationships than anything else.

Some of the exciting things we add are special bonus offers suited to the affiliates’ needs, spicing it up with exciting partner races and exclusive rewards all year round, and exclusive players competitions that we organize with the affiliates themselves.


  1. What can your partners expect from you?


In this business we are bringing our expertise and full attention. We carefully choose partnerships because we are a long term player.

They can expect that we’ll do anything to make the collaboration last because long-term partnerships are the ones we love the most. We are here to stay, and we are striving to create the best affiliate experience possible.


  1. What do you expect from your partners?


Collaboration at the highest level. We keep an open and honest conversation with all our partners and as a result, we anticipate the same approach towards us as well.

After all, sharing the same vision is what we go after: creating and maintaining long-term collaboration while maximizing profit for both parties.


      7. If you could give your partners any tip in the world, what would it be?


Discuss your long-term goals upfront.
Communicate regularly.
Respect one another.


  1. You have now been in the affiliate game since 2019. What are the biggest changes since then and how did you adapt?


The biggest changes come in place when there are any changes in a certain market regulation. We always strive to be 100% compliant, so we adapt to the new rules.

Also, the competition is pretty big, so we always try to work on the product itself and create the best user experience possible.


       9. Could you share any scoops or plans for the future? What can we expect from OMG Affiliates in 2022 and beyond?


As more markets become regulated, we are preserving our presence and sticking to ethics and compliance, and we are interested in gaining additional licenses. The most important idea we follow is to make this industry a better place for everyone.

Also, penetrating new markets and adding new brands to our portfolio is something we will always strive for.


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